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As the standard bearer of the Parisian art of living and the defender of a hotel on a human scale, Chevalier Paris offers its pavilions where the city beats harder.

A family-owned and independent brand, Chevalier Paris has acquired over the years the backgrounds and walls of each of its hotels as if it were a favourite. Managed by the Chevalier family, associated with Parisian hospitality for three generations, the group's addresses tell the story of its passion for Paris.

It began in the 1950s, when the grandfather of the current directors, originally from the Auvergne, built up a heritage of several breweries in western Paris. He quickly passed on to his children the Passy, the Franklin and the Ecu de France, as well as the taste for work well done. His son and daughter dreamed of more grandeur and luxury. In the heart of the 1980s, they dared to enter the hotel business. After the premature death of her brother, Madame Chevalier, in a man's world, imposed a precursory style that focused on charm and personalization. In 2008, she was joined at the head of the family business by her two sons: Jérôme, who accompanied her in the operational and development of the business; and Éric, who took on an advisory and then operational role from 2020.

The Pavillon de la Reine became the benchmark for a group in the making. Its exceptional location, its human dimension and its very Parisian atmosphere will serve as standards for the brand. They will guide the renovation of the Hôtel de l'Élysée, transformed into the Pavillon des Lettres in 2011, and the purchase of the Hôtel du Petit Moulin, a Christian Lacroix-designed establishment in 2012. As a guarantee of exclusivity, the three hotels have joined the Small Luxury Hotels of the World collection.

With the acquisition of the Hôtel Le Saint at the end of 2018, Chevalier Paris crosses the Seine. The hotel, entirely remodelled and redesigned, will become Le Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain in 2022. A new demonstration of the Chevalier Paris art of living, it will carry the values of a brand supported by the loyalty of its partners and teams, acquired through discretion and guided by the desire to constantly reinvent itself to improve the quality of its services.

A signature of the Parisian hotel industry.

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